What is it about?

Realization of a realistic presentation of the service flow process and featuring one or more subjects using the solution. A reactor can take different forms (visual, object, video, web, etc.). It simulates the concept as it would be if it already existed in a finalized form.

The project’s simulation tools are organized along an axis that goes from the most primitive sketch to the rendering that most realistically mimics the expected end result. Thus the first stages of project development are represented in a quick and approximate manner (sketch, rough, storyboard, etc.) and as the project is refined more sophisticated – and expensive – means are implemented to visualize the project (realistic rendering, virtual animation, etc.).

Why is it relevant?

It makes it possible to react and discuss / develop the solution much more effectively with panels of potential users / stakeholders who are able to better imagine the solution and to project themselves into its use.

Steps to conduct this activity

  • Define the type of mock up/ prototype you think could be useful to validate your project. Examples: FLYER / mock up website / story board / video of the business model / app /,..
  • Select the target group you want to test the prototype with.
  • Frame the experiment (questions to ask the target group, expected feedback…
  • Put together your learnings and feedback