How do you move from your current business model situation to your desired successful solution? Learn to envision a successful future and backcast to identify the necessary steps needed to achieve your vision


  • Backcasting focuses on how desirable futures can be attained and involves working backward, from the desirable future, to the present to determine the feasibility of the idea or project. Backcasting provides one preferred option from a number of future possibilities, and a series of ways that the desired endpoint can be achieved
  • Define future goals and objectives, projecting 25-50 years into the future. Specify the scenario by analysing the technological and physical characteristics of a path that would lead towards the specified goals. Evaluate the scenario in terms of physical, technological and socioeconomic feasibility and policy implications. Brainstorm ways this desired endpoint can be achieved, working backwards to the present.”


  • Identify the various pathways and scenarios that can lead you to a successful regenerated business model



backcasting, strategic planning