Life cycle game

Life cycle game

What is currently wrong with our current “take make dispose” linear economic model? Would it be relevant to get inspired by Nature’s 3.8 billion years old R&D department? Can we apply principles from natural ecosystems to our current industrial model?


The life cycle game is a serious game helping us understand the flaws related to our current linear economy. When comparing the conventional linear approach to natural ecosystems, we get a first glimpse of how a circular economy could operate if its principles were fully implemented.


The game can be useful to introduce the concept of circular economy to non-experts or beginners. Through the use of an example, it introduces the 8 principles circular economy is built upon.

It is a relevant ice-breaker to test out the knowledge of teams starting their transition journey to the circular economy.


  • 27 Cards « industrial system »
  • 27 Cards « natural system »
  • 8 cards« circular economy principles »
  • Slide deck to run the game


awareness, life cycle game