Circular innovation
for business models
and ecosystems

Slow, narrow and close resource loops
Our Design Approach


The circular economy offers new opportunities to create shared value for your business and your ecosystem.


Recognize how your current business model may benefit from a circular transition.


Take a step-by-step approach to build a successful circular business model.
Our Value Proposition

Our services

Acquire circular skills and mindset


Circular Academy offers a set of online learning courses around circular economy, circular cities and circular business model innovation.

Access On-demand circular consultancy

Circular mentoring and coaching

We can provide you with know-how and expertise on designing circular sprints for your organisation.

Disrupt with User-centered design

Circular business innovation toolkit


Using a set of design thinking canvas and templates, we bring your team up to date with the latest tools on circular business model innovation

Our resources

Circular innovation Toolkit

About Us

Who we are

Circular Academy is based on the expertise of strategic design practitioners and researchers on business model innovation

Extended value creation for your business and the planet

The circular economy transition toolbox has been designed, prototyped
and tested in various contexts and situations in Europe. Some of the
tools have been used in business transformation workshops, others in
startup incubations processes. The toolbox is constantly evolving to
meet the changing needs of fellow circular entrepreneurs.