What We

New skills and mindsets


Introduction to circular economy

Take this course to learn the basics of the Circular Economy and what it has to offer us.

Governing circular economy in cities

Learn about the different steps to implement circularity in your city

Circular Business model innovation

Take a step by step approach to design a circular business model

Tools and resources

Circular business model toolkit


Draft your initial purpose, learn about your ecosystem and its actors, understand the context in which you want to operate, the value you might be able to create.


Define the future users of your solution, bridge it with the circular value you intend to create.

Prototype and experiment

Test key assumptions and variables of the concept via simulations and field experiments.


Circular coaching

Circular Academy Sprint

The circular sprint in a 5 day coaching programme designed to solve your circularity challenges. In a multidisciplinary team of 8 to 10 staff members, we support you in reframing your challenge, we explore with your team circular opportunities, codesign a circular business model, prototype a rapid solution and get user feedback. Yes, in one week only!

Circular facilitator as a service

The Academy team can act on demand and provide you with the necessary facilitation skills to create awareness, coach and mentor staff to design and implement a circular strategy