Value proposition twister

What is it about?

The value proposition twister exercice allows you to play with different alternative versions of your initial idea. Through a set of opposite views cards, you can discuss and challenge your initial idea and start thinking about the potential implications of various alternatives.

Why is it relevant?

Playing with alternative scenarios allow you to dismiss or validate adaptations of your first value proposition idea.

Steps to conduct this activity

Step 1:  Introduce your business idea from a value proposition perspective.

To do so, answers the four questions:

  • What are the products or services related to your value proposition?
  • What needs are met thanks to your solution?
  • How is your solution creating gains for your customers?
  • How is your solution reducing pains for your customers?

Step 2

  • Pick up one card and iterate your idea based on the opposite features described on the card
  • If the card does not seem relevant, pick up another card
  • Develop 5 iterations of your initial idea.
  • Assess the new ideas and develop your favorite further