Portfolio Category: 3. Prototyping


Reactor What is it about? Realization of a realistic presentation of the service flow process and featuring one or more subjects using the solution. A reactor can take different forms (visual, object, video, web, etc.). It simulates the concept as it would be if it already existed in a finalized form. The project’s simulation tools …

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Creative debugging

Creative debugging What is it about? The Creative Debugging tool can be described as a progressive and in situ design approach that is in the spirit of Living labs and any other type of participatory design / user-centered design approach aimed at anchoring the creative process within the community of users for whom it is …

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User journey map

User Journey Map What is it about? A user journey map is a diagram that depict the stages users go through when interacting with a company, from buying products online to accessing customer service on the phone to airing grievances on social media. To create effective visual maps that reflect users’ journeys through these channels, journey maps must be rooted …

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