Value Delivery Experiment

What is it about?

How can you test if your business model is desirable?

What do you need to find out to see if this can work? What can you test straight away?

Why is it relevant?

If your solution isn’t desirable, the business model will not be implemented. You will then need to go back to the ideation phase.

Steps to conduct this activity

Define the question you want to validate and the associated experiment.

Ex: “Are they potentially interested?” “Will they understand our story?” “How many will sign up if we advertise this service? “What is a good name for this product?” “How can we turn our service into an experience for the customer?” “How to make the product more appealing for potential customers?”

To define your experiment, you can choose within this activity box the approach that fits you best!

Activity box

  • Brainstorming: Get a multi-disciplinary team  and perspectives from  outside the company and sit together to brainstorm about the assumption. 
  • Conversational interview: Interview the person of interest to learn from them  
  • Online A/B test split-test experiments : Get budget for ad-campaign and a content-writer for ads, write ads and launch them on e.g. Facebook, Google, etc. Make different versions to test different assumptions.
  • Booklet interview :Make a product/service booklet and hand it to a potential customer to get feedback 
  • Ethnographic observation :Get into the field where your customer/user/partner is and observe what they do and how they do things
  • Landing page with Video + option to sign up :Make a short  video where you pitch your idea  and create a landing page with a call to action (e.g. sign up for the newsletter, early ordering option for product, etc.) 
  • Creative session with users: Invite users/customers/partners who are able and willing to discuss openly to have a creative session about the problem/potential solution about the learning you are trying to gain 
  • Moderated online discussion with community members: Find an online forum about your problem and learn from posts, start a discussion about the learning you are trying to gain 
  • Co-create session with stakeholders: Find a a and schedule a meet-up with relevant stakeholders to co-create a solution
  • Rapid service prototyping/minimum viable product: Make a first physical and/or digital prototype (e.g. paper mock-up, web landing page, cardb oard mock-up), get in front of customers and learn from their reactions 
  • Wizard of Oz testing : Take humans who can provide the service that you want to provide instead of machines to gain learning
  • Concierge MVP: “fake it until you make it”: Try to fake the product/service through human actions, help the customer out right away without having any product, improvise
  • Field experiment :Find a test ground (e.g. a festival), user group, and create an experiment set-up.